Camping Buskin

2014-06-27 18.20.41Two weeks ago, we made our first Alaskan camping trip!  It was also our first camping trip just the 4 of us.  We rented a 13 ft travel trailer from MWR and hauled it approximately 7 minutes down the road to Buskin River State Recreation Site.  There wasn’t a lot of hiking to be had, which is our preferred camping activity, but we did meander down to the beach and watch people fishing for salmon.

 2014-06-27 21.11.04    2014-06-27 20.49.06

It was a good “shake down” trip which prompted me and Steve to compose a Camping Pack List while we sat around the campfire after the girls went to bed.  We did, however, remember the crucial items of s’mores material (Rachel calls them Mores) and tortellini.  Tortellini has become a traditional camping dinner for us, and we gave Allison her first tortellini ever, thus formally acknowledging her as a full member of our camping-loving (pasta-loving) family.

2014-06-28 00.35.50The Scamp was pretty bare bones, but had two amazing features.  1: Waterproof  2: Dark.  We brought our extra blackout curtains and situated them over all the windows of the trailer, and slept snugly and happily in the dark.  This is quite a feat when the sun sets at 11:15 pm and rises at 5 am, with lots of twilight time in the middle; true darkness is achieved for only a few hours each night.

While we acknowledge that camping isn’t quite as camping-ish in a trailer, we are in the market!  So if anyone happens to be looking to offload a 13 foot Livnlite all aluminum trailer with bedspace to sleep 4…please let us know.

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