Camping Ft Abercrombie

2014-07-06 08.58.19

A few weeks ago we set out for another one-night camping trip.  Eventually, we will go on a real two night sojourn in the woods, but at least we are getting outside.  We even went on a short gentle hike that accommodated my healing ankle.

All of the trailers from MWR were reserved for the long 4th of July weekend, so we ventured forth in our tent.  Actually, Ft Abercrombie is “tents only” camping, so that worked out rather well.  You can’t reserve camping sites in any of the Alaska state parks; they are all first come, first served.  We didn’t know if there were even going to be spots open, but there were!

2014-07-05 15.43.54

At Ft Abercrombie, there is one section near Monashka Beach that you can drive up right to and pitch your tent on a wooden platform.  It would be a fantastic site for a group trip, but it is unshaded (read: lots of light at 11 pm).  We instead camped at the walk-in sites near Lake Gertrude that are literally in the woods.  There is no running water, and the Biffy (bathroom in forest for you) is across the parking lot, but the seclusion is amazing.

Rachel had a hard time falling asleep with the abundant light, despite the overcast skies and the canopy cover, but slept till 8:30 am.  Allison fell asleep somewhat more easily, but awoke at 6 am (and, let’s be honest, a few times before that) and refused to sleep after her 6 am nursing session.  All in all, camping in the tent went better than we had imagined, but we totally lucked out…overcast but no rain, very shaded site, etc., so we still want that trailer!    2014-07-05 15.19.06

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