Stay At Home Mom: Financially Practical!

From scratch, food-dye free birthday cake

From scratch, food-dye free birthday cake

Many families think that they NEED two incomes in order to remain financially solvent.

Steve and I have been married for six years, and I have not had a paid job during that time.  Before we had children, I considered it, but the commute would have been terrible, and I have never wanted to work full time.  So we were never a “DINK” (dual income no kids) but we are now certainly an “OINK” (one income no kids).

Financially, it makes sense for me NOT to work.

We don’t need the added income.   We rarely go out to eat, never go out to movies, and generally keep our expenses to a minimum. I may not earn money, and the girls and I may be “extra mouths to feed” but by staying home, I save us an untold amount of money.  I don’t just “stay home.”  As a striving Radical Homemaker, I actively plan and participate to make our household more sustainable and self-sufficient and thus cost us less money.

2014-09-05 17.19.17

Because I stay home, I am able to…
Make bread
Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every. single. day
Make snacks and muffins and treats (though the girls do love those Annie’s bunny crackers!)
Make our household cleaners
Clean our house
Garden, and actually grow some of our own food
Mend our clothes
Sew some of our clothes (working on doing more of this)
Prepare herbal and other alternative healthcare items
Make my facial soap and lotion
Shop at the thrift store first when we need something
Compare prices and products and make good decisions when we do need to buy something new
Use the library
Form friendships and build a network of like-minded people
Continue to form a deep bond with our daughters (hopefully this will save us money in therapy later on)

homemade salmonberry jelly

homemade salmonberry jelly

Because I stay home, we don’t have to pay for…
A second car (and all the expenses that comes with)
A work wardrobe for myself
Childcare for the girls (Excellent childcare is CRAZY expensive)
Someone to clean the house
Organic ready-made food
Breast pump, bottles, etc.
Private school

Yes, Steve earns a more than adequate salary with the military, and our conventional healthcare costs are entirely paid for.  We both graduated college with zero school debt; Steve went the Academy, and I attended an in-state school and received numerous scholarships.  We pay for our cars in cash.  We budget, save, invest, have an emergency fund, and pay our credit cards on time every time, and always have.  If you want to stay home with your kids, there are ways to make that happen.  It may require more work, but I wouldn’t trade my job!

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