Falling in love (with Kodiak) again

2015-05-16 17.44.14

There is GREEN on the mountains! Yesterday, we harvested the first fruits of our garden…literally…I now have sliced rhubarb in the freezer!   We planted the girls’ little flower garden today, and will get the vegetable seedlings in the ground this week.

2015-05-15 17.45.40

We drove to Pasagshak to play in the sand with friends as the waves roared on the beach and the whales (yes, WHALES–humpback whales) spouted and occasionally popped their heads out of the water.  We saw bison, bison tracks, eagles on their nests, and even eagle tracks.  It was truly one of those days when I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, I am so lucky to live here!”

2015-05-16 15.14.31

Slowly into Spring

2015-05-01 07.16.59

April was a hard month.  We had more days of snow in April then we had all winter, I think.  I knew it wouldn’t be warm here yet, but I thought, perhaps, it might be green.  It was not.  I thought that Kodiak would be more like Oregon in the winter…wet and green…and more like Oregon in the summer…dry and brown.  But Kodiak is wet and green in the summer, and wetter and very brown in the winter.  We didn’t even have the benefit of enough snow to brighten the landscape for all but a handful of days.

It is May 2.  We left Florida one year ago today.  I remember how hot it was.  I remember swimming in our friends’ pools the days before we left, and sweating as the movers had the house open to pack up our things and take them to the truck.  I’m not saying I miss the insane Florida heat, because I don’t.  And I really don’t miss the insane insects that thrive in that insane Florida heat.  My point is that in Florida, if you blinked, you missed spring and were thrust smack dab into the sauna that is summer.

Kodiak has been pretending spring for weeks now, and although the days are getting MUCH longer (sunset at 10 pm tonight!), it is still cold enough to warrant hats and gloves and layers and rain pants…of course rain pants…we are all so very tired of rain pants.

After living on the Gulf Coast for 6 years, it is so strange to long for summer, and celebrate every bit of spring that slowly comes along.

But spring is literally now in the air.  When the sun shines, it actually warms you (as long as the wind is calm).  The birds sing joyfully on my morning walks.  There is a faint green haze on the western slopes of the mountains.  We started our seedlings indoors.  The salmonberries are blossoming and the daffodils are blooming.

It has been a long, slow slog into spring.  But oh, what joy to finally say that it is truly here!

2015-05-01 07.23.44