Pillar Mountain

2014-09-21 16.47.15

A few weeks ago, we did our second hike up Pillar Mountain, per Rachel’s request.  Almost all of the electricity on Kodiak comes from these beautiful wind turbines, and they are all up on Pillar Mountain.  We can see them from our house and drive by them every time we go to town.

2014-09-21 16.32.54

Last time we hiked Pillar, the rain and fog were so thick that we couldn’t see more than 100 feet in front of us most of the way, and we heard the windmill before we saw it.  We hiked the real trail up the mountain, but then hiked the road down, as my knees were aching on the way up.

We ate our picnic lunch along with some lignonberries (called low bush cranberries here) that we found on the ground.  The weather was spectacular, and the views matched.  What a glorious day to live in Kodiak!  We had camped at Ft. Abercrombie the night before.

2014-09-20 20.13.57

2014-09-20 21.46.40


P1040217We have our camper trailer!  “Tinny” is a pre owned A Liner Expedition.  Steve found Tinny advertised on Craigslist in Anchorage, and arranged 4 days of leave + ferry passage to and from Homer in order to procure Tinny.  Ah, the remoteness of Kodiak is beginning to set in.

We took Tinny for our first camping trip last weekend, and it was wonderful.  We do have a few kinks to work out in our “system”.  For instance, I used to get the girls dressed and the tent in working order in the mornings while Steve got oatmeal ready.  But when you sleep in/on the dining room table, that isn’t such a possibility.  We managed to fit the pack n play in for Allison to sleep in, but that left approximately 8 square inches of floor space to maneuver in, and she got too cold to stay in there all night anyway.  Our new plan is to put the girls horizontally on the couch that pulls into a queen bed, with a divider between them, while Steve and I snuggle on the twin bed.  Good thing we aren’t large people.  And that we like each other.  By the end of the summer, we mean to have life in Tinny running smoothly.

Here are some pictures.  Hope to have a chance to clean Tinny with bleach spray next time we go out.

P1040223 P1040224 P1040225

We camped at Chiniak and it was gorgeous.  Remote, beautiful, quiet, spectacularly Alaskan.  My heart fills daily here with the wonder of God’s creation.

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