St Teresa’s Academy

2014-09-17 17.06.50

I came across this article* a few months ago, and it made me laugh.  So in that train of thought, I thought I’d offer what our homeschool “ranking and description” would say.

“St. Teresa’s Academy is a small, Catholic all-girls school that prides itself in numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation as well as near-fanatical adherence to checklists.  St. Teresa’s is still in it’s Waldorf preschool stages, but looks forward to a challenging secondary curriculum that will combine the distinct talents of its faculty in rhetoric and mathematics.  St. Teresa’s is the only school of its kind in Alaska.”

We are calling our homeschool St. Teresa’s Academy after St. Teresa of Avila.  St. Teresa is one of the first women Doctors of the Catholic Church.  She was independent, active, intelligent, and not afraid to go against the opposition.  She reformed the Carmelite order into a simpler one more in line with the Gospel.  These are all traits we desire in our girls!  Furthermore, St. Teresa is my Confirmation saint; Steve and I were confirmed at the same church at the same time, and were married there 6 years later.

St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us, as we begin to educate our daughters in our little homeschool.  May we impart to them the constancy of your spirit and the Gospel desires of your heart.

*This is the only article I have ever read from this website, and I do not in any way endorse any of their other articles



This is what happens when you your family doesn’t watch TV/Movies/Netflix/iPad games.  Your children watch the washing machine instead.

2014-07-29 20.50.19

And play in the rain.

2014-08-05 14.59.32

And, in an effort to get everyone outside, you all don hiking gear and hit the trail for some quality family bonding.

2014-08-09 12.12.11

And you read books.  Lots and lots of books.

2014-08-09 15.01.35

And enlist their help in chores.  And read more books.  And play Candyland.  And laugh as they raid the laundry baskets and parade around with random articles of clothing on their heads.  To spare my dear daughters future embarrassment, I don’t have a picture of that!

A lot of people assume that we must watch a decent amount of TV, at least, because it rains here a lot.  It has rained 5 days in a row, and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon.  We haven’t seen a scrap of blue sky or sunshine in 5 days, which is tough in the beginning of August.  But at least it’s light out, and not too cold.  Honestly, we are so busy in our small world of naps and meals and art and books and laundry and cleaning and hiking and playing and swimming (indoors!) that I don’t know when I would fit TV in.  For our family, no TV is the answer to a lot of potential problems.  Hopefully I still feel the same come January!



Summer Curriculum

2014-07-26 15.22.00

Rachel can correctly identify:
Chocolate lily
Spruce cones
“Not Pushkie” aka Queen Anne’s Lace

2014-07-05 15.44.12

 We are working on:
Purple harebell
White bog orchid
Alaskan chamomile
Watermelon berry
Enchanter’s Nightshade

Take that, Common Core!