2014-07-24 20.01.18

We’ve been harvesting lettuce for a month now.  It is thrilling!  It tastes good, it is fresh, it is organic (except for the MiracleGro potting soil) and Rachel is willing to eat it!  As long as it is slathered in copious amounts of ranch dressing. It is the first time ever that I have put something on my grocery list, looked at my garden, and then crossed off the item because I was growing it, and didn’t need to buy it!

The vicious slugs have attacked, but I am rather successfully baiting and drowning them with Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Glad they’re cheap drunks.

One thought on “Lettuce

  1. We have been harvesting beans, corn, tomatoes, squash, berries, prunes, apples,pears, onions, carrots…the lettuce is done. Had to buy some of that today!

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