We saw a bear!

We saw a bear by Sargent Creek a few days ago.  It was, honestly, pretty cute.  A juvenile, as far as we could tell, much more interested in chasing after salmon than even acknowledging his onlookers.  I feel like I really do live in Kodiak now!  There are approximately 4,500 bears in the 4,000 square miles of Kodiak.  Most live in the National Wildlife Refuge, but they do venture out to check how the salmon runs are doing in other areas of the island.  They occasionally venture into town or onto base in hopes of devouring some trash, but since all the trash is put in dumpsters, they generally don’t have much luck.  In my Alaska gardening book, it said that one of the many reasons it is difficult to grow apples in Alaska is that bears will raid the orchards!

2014-09-11 19.19.37

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